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Website / POS / Inventory Management

Looking to build an online store?  POS assistance?  Inventory management?  E-Mail us today for information on Shopify solutions.

Design Services

Don't have a finished design yet?  No problem!  We can link you up with talented designers and illustrators whocan create the custom logo you been looking for.  Once your logo is set up correctly we can turn your art into a printed product.

Estimated Pricing
General hourly rate $35-75
Company Logo $200+
T-Shirt Design $100-200+
Vectorize an image $25+ (Depending on complexity)
File Corrections $15 Minimum
Consulting/Training $65hr

Below is a list of suggested graphic designers we work with.  Bio and contact info coming soon

Jast Hegerfeldt, Nikki von Gnechten, Kenny Vidinich, Nelson Chauncey

General Setup Information

Art should be submitted AT THE SIZE YOU WANT IT PRINTED. We accept all vector files (Illustrator or Corel) please make sure to convert all text to outlines/curves before you send it to us.  If you don't have a vector file, we recommend 300dpi or larger in one of the following formats: PSD, TIF or JPG.   Please, do not simply raise the resolution of files by plugging in higher numbers to your existing low-resolution file. It will just make it big and fuzzy.

Please do not send jpgs or gifs that have been downloaded from the web.  These files are sized at a low resolution in order to load quickly on a website. They do not provide enough resolution for us to use as actual artwork.

We recommend sending a mockup of your art with your file whenever possible. We will provide you a final mockup for approval before printing.

Art should be left in layers. Pantone colors should be provided in your artwork if you desire specific colors.  Final print color may shift from what you see on your computer monitor 10-15%.

Microsoft Word Publisher and PowerPoint files are not production ready files and may be subject to additional charges.

Diecut stickers & heat transfers need to have a minimum 3.5pt thickness on all lines.

Business Cards, Postcards, Posters Requirements
-300 DPI
-Sized To Print
-No Crop Marks
-No Transparencies
-Outline All Fonts
-Blackest black is 60/40/40/100
-- Ink Coverage no more than 300% on solid area
- Remove Template Guidelines from artwork

Banner Requirements
-Grommet every 24" (1" from edge)
-Sized To Print
-No Crop Marks
-Flatten All Transparencies
-Outline All Fonts
-Blackest black is 60/40/40/100
-Keep All Important Text 2" Away From Edges

Equipment Listing
Corel Draw

Fuji xT20
DJI Drone
GoPro 9

PC Computer