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808 Empire Clothing & Graphics

Since the beginning 808 Empire merch has been heavily influenced by street art & graffiti culture.  Over the years we've worked with artist of many genres and have always tried to push products that we feel have a different "look".  The main goal is to provide garments with a orginality and style.  We want the buyer to be proud they are wearing/repping our gear.  -All designs are printed in limited colorways.  If you are an artist looking to collaborate with 808 Empire we'll put you in contact.  Follow them on InstaGram @808empire

Acrylick Clothing

We proudly present to everyone our Spring 2015 collection. Our collection features 11 new graphics that express our brands ideologies.This season’s influence is based around unity and teamwork. Each graphic instills a prominent message of teamwork, and cooperating with others. We see our supporters as part of our team, constantly helping us achieve our goals. We encourage others to look at the world in that same way, hoping to inspire some of you to go out build with each other.


Info coming soon....We currently carry HomeSteady stickers.